Company Overview

Pier is developing an API designed to streamline the launch of credit products. By handling origination, underwriting, compliance, and servicing through just a few lines of code, Pier empowers any company to offer credit seamlessly. Customers can provide credit to their borrowers or users without ever redirecting them outside their app, as Pier’s API discreetly manages everything behind the scenes.

Deal Profile








Y Combinator and other reputable angel investors

CEO & Co-Founder: Jessica Zhang

Jess was previously Chief of Staff and PM at Stilt (YC W16, acquired by JGW) and on the founding team for Onbo, Stilt’s B2B credit API product. Jess is a 2x founder (Oppti, acquired), ex-JPMorgan, ex-McDonald’s. She’s a Cornell alum and has managed teams of 30+ people. 

CTO & Co-Founder: Alex Clarke

Previously, Alex was part of the founding team for Onbo at Stilt where he led customer integrations and product development. Together with Jess, Alex took Onbo from 0 to 1 and $3mm ARR in just a few months. Before Stilt, Alex was at Plaid and has 6+ years building in fintech. 

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